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There is a lot that goes into properly filing a trademark application. We make this simple for you by collecting all the information that we need from you so that your application is filed correctly.

  • Have peace of mind knowing your attorney will research your mark, file for you, and deal with minor roadblocks
  • Get a free trademark search for a second mark if your attorney thinks there’s an issue with your first choice
Package Includes:
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search
  • Trademark Attorney Consultation
  • Drafting and Filing of Your Trademark Application
  • Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions

    Government fees (paid separately upon filing):
  • The government fees are the USPTO filing fees, which are paid to the government. The USPTO currently charges either $250 or $350 per class that you file in depending on the type of filing.

Single Trademark Application Attorney Fee is $599 (Government fees are separate)


+ Government Fees



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We are a full service trademark law firm that works with clients across the US and around the world.

Trademark Application Filing
Trademark Registration
Office Action Response
Trademark Enforcement
Trademark Monitoring
Statement of Use
Change of Ownership
Trademark Expungement

Meet our Founder

Alec Allen Ross founded The Trademark Place with one idea in mind: to make trademark legal services affordable and accessible. As an entrepreneur, himself, he understands the hard work and long hours it takes to make a brand successful.


Alec is truly the best at what he does. Always consistent, always transparent and always true. You don’t often find people like him.

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