Notice of Opposition Against 1 Class

$1800 in Legal Fees + $600 in Government Fees

After receiving all the necessary information from you, your attorney will proceed.

By clicking the link above, you agree to our engagement agreement.


This engagement agreement is made between The Trademark Place LLC (“Attorney”) and You (“Client”); and it is effective as of the date Client submits payment.


Attorney will provide Client with the following Legal Services: filing a notice of opposition with the TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) against the third party. Any additional services will incur extra charges. Attorney will perform the Legal Services as agreed under this Agreement, keep Client updated on progress and developments, and reply promptly to Client’s inquiries and communications. Attorney will maintain any work product in strict confidence and will adhere to the rules and responsibilities of attorney-client privilege. Client will cooperate with Attorney, be available as requested, provide necessary declarations, pay all fees and costs on time, and inform Attorney of client’s whereabouts and current street address, phone number(s), fax number, and e-mail address at all times. Client understands that the trademark opposition process is a legal proceeding and could result in a ruling against the Client.


The Attorney and Client agree on a Flat Fee for legal services as listed above. It is understood that this fee is not a retainer, but is a Flat Fee.

DUE IMMEDIATELY. The purchase price for the trademark package is due in full immediately upon entering into this agreement.

EARNED-ON-RECEIPT. The Flat Fee is earned-on-receipt. While legal fees are often maintained in a separate “trust” account until fees are earned or representation has ended, due to the small Flat Fee charged, the nature and timeliness of the services, and the administrative issues with transferring the money between the accounts, You, the Client, agree to waive this requirement. Upon payment, the Flat Fee immediately becomes property of Alec Ross, Attorney at Law.

GOVERNMENT FEES. The USPTO, an agency of the United States, charges $600 per class in government fees as a part of an opposition. These Government fees are in addition and separate from the Legal Fees provided by Attorney, but are included in the total above. If any additional government fees are due, Attorney will notify Client of the fees and send Client a separate payment link for those fees once the notice of opposition is ready to be filed.

These fees are only for the notice of opposition (the “complaint”). Should the third party respond to the notice of opposition with an answer, additional fees will be required to continue through the opposition process. It is important to be aware that no two oppositions are the same, and there is no exact price that can be quoted for a full opposition. Oppositions can commonly reach well above You are not required to continue to use our services throughout the process.


This Agreement may be terminated by Client at any time upon reasonable written notice. We also retain the right to terminate this agreement at any time as well. If We withdraw from representation after the filing of a trademark application, Attorney will withdraw as the attorney of record with the USPTO.


Attorney cannot guarantee a successful result from services rendered. There is no guarantee that any trademark opposition will result in the abandonment or cancellation of the pending third party trademark. While Attorney may offer their legal opinion as to the possible results, No one, not even Attorney, can guarantee a particular result. You acknowledge that no statement made by Attorney or otherwise can be considered a promise or guarantee of a present or future result. The Opposition process is a legal proceeding, the outcome of which could be determined by a panel of judges. As such, there is no guarantee that a notice of opposition will lead to a successful verdict against the third party mark.


This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the Parties. No other agreement, statement, or promise made on or before the effective date of this Agreement will be binding on the Parties. If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction, in whole or in part, to be unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of that provision and of the entire Agreement will be severable and remain in effect.