Office Action Response

An Office Action is a letter sent by the USPTO that outlines any issues or problems with your trademark application. In general, there are two types of issues raised in trademark Office Actions: registration refusal and requests for clarification, modification and/or disclaimer. The USPTO issues two kinds of office actions – a non-final office action and a final action. The non-final office action typically comes at the beginning of the examination process. In it the examining attorney raises issues with a trademark application for the first time. The final office action typically comes after a response to a non-final office action where the Examiner maintains their original refusal.

If you have received an Office Action and are unsure how to respond, we can help. We can review the Office Action and discuss your options with you. We can also draft a response to the Office Action and file it on your behalf. This includes reviewing the issues raised in the Office Action and providing a detailed response that addresses each issue.

Once we have drafted the response, we will file it with the USPTO and monitor the application for any additional Office Actions. If necessary, we can respond to additional Office Actions on your behalf.

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