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The Trademark Place offers a wide range of trademark services to help you get and protect your brand. We work with clients all across the United States as well as around the world. Contact us today with any questions that you have about trademarks and the trademark process. Simply fill out our contact form here, and we will get back to you soon. You can also learn more about our trademark services below.

A review of various sources, including trademark databases, to determine whether a particular trademark or service mark infringes the rights of a prior user and can be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).

Trademark Application Filing

The preparation and filing of your trademark application with the USPTO.

Trademark Registration

We provide a flat fee trademark registration package to help you secure your trademark rights at a reasonable cost.

Office Action Response

An Office Action is a letter from the Examiner detailing why they have denied your application. There are many different types of Office Actions, from simple to complex, and they must be responded to in a timely fashion or your application will be abandoned.

Trademark Enforcement

Sometimes, it is necessary for a trademark owner to enforce their rights against infringers and copycats.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark protection does not stop at registration. It is important to monitor new trademark filings to ensure your mark remains strong and secure.

Trademark Portfolio Management

Do you have multiple trademarks to keep track of? The Trademark Place can manage your entire trademark portfolio.

Trademark Renewals

Trademarks can last forever, but you are still required to maintain or renew the trademarks, otherwise, your trademark will be cancelled.

Trademark Cancellations

Cancellation proceedings can be brought against a registrant when their trademark is not entitled to registration.

Statement of Use

Before a trademark registration can be finalized, the government requires that the trademark is actively being used in commerce.

Change of Ownership

A change of ownership (also known as a trademark assignment) must be properly drafted and filed with the USPTO. We can prepare and file an assignment for a flat fee.

Trademark Expungement

Expungement proceedings can be brought against a registered trademark when a business believes that mark is not being used for all of its claimed goods or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these elements that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods or services of one party from those of others. A trademark helps consumers recognize and choose between products or services based on their quality, reputation, and other characteristics.

Trademark, patent, and copyright are different types of intellectual property rights that protect different aspects of creations.

• A trademark protects a brand name or logo that identifies the source of goods or services.

• A patent protects an invention or a new and useful improvement of an existing invention.

• A copyright protects an original work of authorship, such as a book, song, movie, or software.

What is the difference between a trademark and a service mark?

A service mark is actually a type of trademark that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product. For example, FedEx is a service mark for delivery services, while Coca-Cola is a trademark for a soft drink. With that said, the term “trademark” is often used to refer to both trademarks and service marks.

How do I register a trademark?

To register a trademark in the United States, you need to file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You can file online by yourself or with an attorney using the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). You need to provide information such as:

• The name and address of the owner of the trademark

• The name and description of the goods or services associated with the trademark

• A specimen showing how the trademark is used on the goods or services

• The filing fee

$599 Trademark Registration Package

Our $599 Trademark Package is designed to help you get your brand protected without breaking the bank.

Package Includes:

Attorney Consultation Time
Drafting and Filing of Your Trademark Application
Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions

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