Trademark Application Filing Process

We provide trademark application filing as a part of our flat fee trademark registration package.

There are two types of applications you can file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO): TEAS Plus and TEAS Standard.

TEAS Plus has the lowest government filing fee of $250 per class of goods/services but has more requirements than TEAS Standard. To use TEAS Plus, you must use a standard description from the Trademark ID manual for your good or service. If you write your own description, you must use the standard TEAS application. Once filed, applicants should receive a filing receipt with a serial number that can later be used to reference the application.

TEAS Standard has a higher filing fee of $350 per class of goods/services but fewer requirements than TEAS Plus. In TEAS Standard, filling fees is $350 per class of goods & services. Here, a person can write the description of his/her goods and services. It is essential to accurately describe their goods and services. In the case of US domiciles, the applicants can complete and submit the initial application.

Regardless of which application you choose to file, there are several requirements that must be met. These include providing your name and address as the owner of the trademark, providing an exact trademark to be registered, providing a description of goods and services associated with the trademark, selecting a filing basis (i.e., intent-to-use or actual use), and meeting signature requirements.

Order a trademark package

With our $599 trademark package, we will conduct a comprehensive search, discuss those results with you, prepare your application, file it, and continue to provide updates throughout the process.
Government fees are charged separately and at the time of filing.