Trademark Renewal Services

Trademarks can last forever. However, you do have to periodically renew or maintain them.

The first renewal is due between the fifth and sixth year after the registration date.

Incontestability is a status that can be filed for after five years of continuous use of a trademark following its registration. Once a trademark is incontestable, various aspects of the registration cannot be challenged by third parties (such as the trademark’s validity). Incontestability is typically filed together with the first renewal. Incontestability is also only ever filed once, so you would not need to file incontestability again in the future.

The second renewal is similar to the first, but is due between the ninth and tenth year after the registration date (so, effectively, 4-5 years after the first renewal).

After the second renewal, you will need to renew your trademark every 10 years. You can file for renewal within one year before the expiration date of your trademark registration. If you fail to renew your trademark registration within six months after the expiration date, your registration will be canceled.

Start Your 5 Year Renewal

We charge $599 to renew your trademark.
USPTO Filing fees are $425 per class when filing a declaration of use + incontestability. These government fees are separate and will be collected prior to filing.

Need to renew multiple trademarks or file a 10 year renewal? Contact us today and let us know what you need

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