Trademark Clearance Search

A trademark clearance search is a systematic search for registered or unregistered (common law) marks that are the same or similar to the mark you wish to use; are being used anywhere in the country; are being used for the same or similar product or service; and could cause confusion in the marketplace. It is also known as a due diligence search.

A trademark clearance search is an important part of doing a thorough clearance search. It helps you check your proposed trademark against existing trademarks to make sure that it is sufficiently different to distinguish your business from others in the same category.

The Trademark Place offers a trademark registration package that includes a trademark clearance search. This package is designed to help you protect your brand and avoid potential legal issues.

Order a No-Strings-Attached Clearance Search

Provide some information about the Mark you are interested in and pay the $199 search fee; we’ll conduct a comprehensive trademark search and email you the results.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Clearance Search